Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad Mood

I'm really on fire now, don't come near me or else you will on fire too!!!
This is what I post in my status in Facebook.  I'm really on fire now... First, is because somebody promise me to take water but she didn't do it for me.... Actually this is not the main matter la, the main matter is the weather today is really freaking hot liao!!!  I wanted to bath again, but is too late liao and is not the first time to bath this late, I scare to get sickness if continue like this!!!
Since I was already hot outside, plus I couldn't get to call somebody, plus the toilet got no water and I have to go and take water again, the fire burning and burning until Pei Jie don't dare to talk with me.
To be frankly, it has been long time I didn't really throw my temper out, this time I am really bad mood and feel frustrated!!!!

Okayh, but don't worry, the fire is on control now, Bomba is trying to clear the fire as soon as possible.

I started to realize that not only I'm facing the problem when facing with her.  At first, I thought I was too picky and too straight forward until I'm being dislike and I dislike her as well.  But now, I realize that this is not true because this is her problems.  L0l, how evil am I...
(Joe, I think I steal skills from you on how to be more evil~)

p/s: this is not gossiping, this is just my feeling.  

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