Sunday, March 7, 2010


Here come the inspiration for me to update my blog.  I think this will be another long post and I think is interesting~
L0L ("perasannya..." I bet somebody will say that when he/she is reading this.)
Ever since I have change my Windows Vista into Windows 7, I spend lots of time on my laptop...  Reason??
cause I watch online dramas more often.  (Mummy will definitely scold me when she reads this >.<)
Ya, I know mummy what you will scold me, I will go study after I finish this post lo... (but I don't know how long I will spend here... hahahahax)
A friend of mine posted this "

有没有曾经试过真正讨厌一个人?憎恨他/她,鄙视他/她?甚至希望从来没认识过他/她" in his Facebook. When I read this post, I think of something and someone...  So I left comment there "one of my friend said she hopes she never know me before".  

Sometimes things happen mean it has happened, nobody can change the fact, not even the GOD.  Since it has happened, why not we face it sincerely and bravely?  Maybe you think it is tough, and yes I know that it is tough, but you will have to continue you daily routine right? You still have to live right?  But one thing you can choose.  You want to continue you life with laughter, or tears?

Me?  I will choose both of them.  Well, laughter is when I having fun everyday with everybody.  Tears is  when I watch dramas and movies.  Hahahax.  Maybe you think I am optimistic, but sorry I'm not.  I'm not that optimistic, but I am a person that will forget things very fast.  Cause I can feel the next laughter is waiting for me~

Don't you care who I am telling to, but if you think you look similar with this characteristic, then you should change your mindset.  I know I'm not 100% always in positive mindset, at least I'm changing too~  Well, maybe you will feel that I'm busy body, I don't mind because this is the place where I can share my feelings and I will never stop doing this no matter what happen.
So cheers~

p/s: if you guys want me to become your listener, you guys are welcome. =)

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