Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BirthdayKing & BirthdayQueen

Birthday King, actually is belated.  So Edwin Cheah, I wanna wish you Happy BELATED Birthday.
Birthday Queen, is today! Yu Jun, wish you Happy Birthday.

Both of them are already 21st birthday, which means they are 21 years old already.  Congratulations, cause you both are adults already. hahahax, and I'm still a 'kid'.  >.<

Tell you guys frankly, I just know them well this semester.  Especially Edwin, I know him around 2 months only but in all sudden I become his confidante, hahahax so funny.  Yu Jun, I know her since last semester.  But I become closer with her during this semester and in all sudden I also become her cousin (表妹).  Funny right??
Gal and Guy, I am glad to know you both.
I'm here to apologize for my selfishness... cause you both can't get what you all hope...
I'm sooooo sorry...
please do forgive me...

After the eating cake ceremony, 

We started our cream war. =)

Hope you all really enjoy it.

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  1. we can't get what we hope? what we hope? i don't know leh..