Saturday, March 20, 2010

Third Post In A Day!

Sorry, I'm very busy de lo...
Hahax, just kidding nia la.  But is true that this is the third post I'm going to post today.  I get to post so many times is because I have too many things to share already.
This morning I was really very emo...
Really really emo...
Cause I lost my necklace and the worst thing is I got no idea where I lost it!  This morning I went jogging like usual, and then I update blog, at that time I still didn't realize the  necklace is still with me or not.  I realize it when I finished my shower and looking at the mirror when I wanted to go out for the workshop....
I really very emo that time, but well, I'm optimistic and things already happen, so why don't I look forward???  

Okayh, now is time for me to complain!  
I want to complain about the workshop.  I went to the workshop today and it cost me RM10 this time. Compare to the other workshop that SSIL organize this is the most expensive!  And the title was "Adobe After Effect".  The title sounds interesting, so I joined!
Well, this didn't go that well and I really regret.  The workshop make me disappointed again.  Really.  I went once with the cost RM3, okayh since it wasn't expensive so I just forget it.  But I really never thought that they never improve but make me disappointed once more time.  I don't think there will be the third time.  
Firstly, I want to complaint about their organizing!  They are not organized at all.  Since there are installer to install before the workshop starts, so I think they should have asked us to install it before we get into the tutorial instead of wasting our time to wait for the installer and install it into our laptop.  And I have waste my time installing for 1 hour!  Then the teaching.  Okayh, I know that the 'teacher' are not professional, but at least don't pour all the knowledge into our brain in a time la... I can't really absorb them all!!!  Since the price is not that cheap, why not they try to make it like 3 tutorial to attend.  I believe that this will improve our brain to work like a sponge. Edwin also feel gek hei.. He said he buy 10 sticks of chicken butt also not that bek chek (one stick of chicken butt is only RM1).

One last thing.  I went to eat KFC just now.  I wanted to eat McD de, but since the 'driver' said he feels to eat chicken, so we ma went to KFC to eat chicken lo... I didn't eat much, cause at the end I bring back my fried chicken and twister back.  I managed to eat franch fries, cheesy wedges and 7up revive nia.  
I feel funny cause after exercise for so many days, at the end we eat fast food... All the fats that have been burn are now all come back again... @@'''

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