Sunday, March 7, 2010

Secretary Of Secretary

Weird huh??
I guess only those who know me well in Labuan will know about this especially those who went to the meeting just now.
Yup, that's right... I'm the secretary of the secretary...  This is a long story actually, but I want to post it here although it might be boring.

2 weeks earlier, Pei Jie and Ying Ying asked me wanna join for the PMSSIL secretary or not.  At first I had the feeling that it will be very boring and stressful after I join it, and the main thing I got not enough time for myself and I know that after joining it, I will have no more time for myself.  But after few days, I decided to join although I didn't really have deep thought.  Reason??  Because I don't want to stay in the room except class, eat and bath... I want to spend some of my time rushing.  I love the life when I get to rush here and there because this make me feel I'm alive. >.< (weird huh??)

Last few days, I went to fill in the form with Pei Jie and Ying Ying.  And just now was the first meeting ever.  Since there is a senior said that they still allow people to join the secretary, so I asked Syn Wei whether she wants to join or not lo...  She said because of me, she joined.  (you got that listen to what I said de meh???)  
We get to choose to go under which department...  But at the end I was kena secretary....
Sorry, is not I don't like secretary (just hate to do those paper work la), is just I never get to explore in this field.  To be frankly, I never been secretary before since young.  The poses that I always got are President, Vice President, Tresurer...  No secretary before, and I know that secretary is really tough...

I know, I know, you will definitely say since I have paper work, then why I want to apply to become PMSSIL's secretary??? 
I joined this is to make sure I 100% used up my time.  
Well, I promise I will do my best in this although I dislike...

p/s: please do tegur me when I did something wrong.  I don't mind of complaination about me infornt of me but I mind somebody talk behind of me.

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  1. tell u privately. i join pmssil because of i also dun wan let my life just fullfill with eat, take water, watch movie....

    those type of life... sucks.

    anyway, welcome to PMSSIL's family.