Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Leave Me Alone

I purposely choose this as font, if you really want to know what I’m writing then go change it yourselves.
Because this is kinda negative feeling and I don’t want my negative spread around, so I decided to use symbols to represent this post.

I was really emo yesterday.  Guess some of you realize it, but I dont want to disappoint everybody so I made a fake smile on my face, but yet I still cant really manage my fake smile for too long, because it rotten.  
I really dont understand why have to make things so complicated, I dont understand even I know that things complicated is difficult to solve but I still always make it in that way!
I wanted to find someone to talk with, but you said you have to rush for your assignment.  Then what can I do?  Have to let you to rush for your assignment lo, if not later you say Im not understanding at all Then I tell her, she was so busy until got no respond.  Sigh, really disappointed larh!!!

Until now, I have my own decision in my mind already, but I still got the feeling of uncomfortable.  I wonder am I doing the right decision.  I hope Im.  

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  1. wht hapen my son's 'hong ngan ji gei' down oo