Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life Is Unpredictable

2 days I didn't update my blog, it is really unusual right to see me not updating blog everyday? Hahax, cause I'm lazy.  And this laziness has cause my fatness... =(
Yea, I know I'm blaming again cause is not laziness causing me fat but myself.  Ohh... I have been exercise almost everyday but I still feel I'm fat.  Can't control myself from eating la... Ish!!!  Really wish I can stapler my mouth so that I can stop eating but I will become speechless!!!  You know la, I talk a lot and if I didn't talk for 5 minutes, I will die de leh... xD
What should I do???

Right, back to the topic.  Guess this post will be a long one.  So be patient and finish reading this since you have already started to read. xD

Let's start with incident the day before yesterday (Sunday).  Chai Fong, Edwin and I went to podium to study our flash (is Chai Fong studied her flash while Edwin doing flash and I buat kacau there).  Then suddenly Edwin and I got plan in mind that is put our friends pictures into UMS の 帅哥美女 (UMS ♥ Pretty & Handsome).  We put Syn Wei, Chai Fong, Pei Jie, Jacey, Yu Jun and Ying Ying.  Then here come the karma.  My picture was in there when I back to my room after upload their pictures up! Here's the link: Cai Yi...
Really speechless when see my pictures in there... I put Edwin's in too, but being rejected twice then I give up liao...
Now, I'm waiting my picture being deleted by the admins... So embarrassing until Miss Chin also ask about it... @@'''

This morning went for jogging again.  This morning I really feel my legs were so heavy and can hardly jog.. maybe is because I have been 3 days didn't jogging gua... l0l... Tomorrow have to jog again liao... If not I think I will fat fat fat liao lo!!!

Then in the evening we went to Beach Cafe to have our dinner.  I asked Edwin to go along, mana tau I make a huge mistake cause I cause him regret to go.  Sorry yea.
We met Miss Chin at the Beach eating.
After our meal, we enjoyed our time at the seaside, but unfortunately something happen.  Ah Ling's crystal bracelet lost into the sea already... The bracelet was too lose and flew into the sea when she was throwing the stone into the sea.  This incident remind me of my necklace.  I lost my crystal necklace too.  But those elders said crystals have the power of natural that will help us to avoid bad thing to happen to the owner.  When the crystal breaks or lost, they really mean it, they mean it to protect us.  So don't be sad or want to find it back anymore, cause they will not let you find it.
Cheer up~~~

Guess what?? I bet that you will say what I type above got nothing to do with the title right??  Sorry, you are wrong, they have.  They do have relate to the title.  But think deeply, all this happening, don't you think that it is unpredictable?? if it is predictable, then things that unhappy will never happen, things that you dislike will never happen, then your life will never full of surprise and adventures~~~

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