Friday, March 5, 2010

Ordinary ---> Famous

Today we have our Technopreneurship class again (I don't think we will skip this class cause the lecturer is really humor) which it has been 2 weeks of holidays. (Chinese New Year ma... >.<)  Today we got no lecture class but we have to be audience to listen to a group of seniors to present for their business plan.
The product of the plan is 'Linking Park'.  Is a good idea and Syn Wei and I think that this is a very creative plan and it will definitely works. =)  While I was observing on their presentation, I started to worry about my presentation that we are going to perform soon for out business plan. *shaking*
It is really stress to be in a group with them honestly, but this is the only way I can learn things and make me grow.. I know that.

After the presentation, there is an ask and answer section (Q&A section).  There is a guy in our class ask a lot of questions.  I think in the 100% time he has used out 70% of the time on his questions. *sweat =.=''''''''*
I did ask question too, is not my question actually.  It was Syn Wei's question but she doesn't dare to do so, so I help her to ask.  Syn Wei, did you hear they said it was a good question?? ^0^v 
Well, at least the question don't sound crap...
Then when we were listen to others questions and answer, the first guy who asked question keep on discussing about the plan at the back and cause me can't really hear what is talking in the front!!!  So I did something bad, I asked him to talk late so that we can listen to the front.  *sorry*

Then after the class, we went to borrow bicycle from the Kokum department.  Unfortunately, there are no more bicycle for us, all well bicycles have been lend out and left those are 'poncek'.  =.=''' I left my phone number there so that I can get the very first information when the bicycles are return.  *bless*
Well, after that we went to Miss Chin's room to take our lab file.  We didn't know that Jacey took for us already, so we were waiting at there, but when we found out that Jacey had taken for us, we wanted to leave but feel like want to have a look at our result.  But that time was crowded, so went we wanted to leave Miss Chin said: " Wong Cai Yi, your friend had taken for you "...  Woah~ I was so surprise that she called my name!!!
Maybe I get the lowest marks that she remembered my name... =.='''

Guess what, I think I become famous in the campus already.. (omg, how come I'm so perasan!!!!)  I just want to be ordinary... not famous until I can't hide when I be a bad girl... >.<

p/s: sorry, really sorry...  because of my selfishness, I make you hurt and fall into hard situation.

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