Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Useless Friendship

Do you ever lost something??
I think I'm going to lost something or you can say that I've actually lost this thing in last semester which is during the first semester.
Feeling curious on my feeling on what am I thinking??
Don't worry, I'm fine.  I don't know why I didn't feel much lost and down feeling when I realize that this kind of person can't be my friend anymore.

I guess lots of my university friends are curious about what happening about both of us, because we were so close during the first few months but things become worst after she met a guy that I was the one who recommend to them.  The girl (the person that no longer in my friend list) falls into the guy but actually the guy doesn't have feeling on her, but the worst thing is the girl thought the guy falls into her too!!!  (Okayh the story in the middle I don't want to mention here but if you want to know you are welcome to ask me. =))
She asked people around her what were their opinion on me?  She thought I'm a ingenuity person. (am I?? )
I don't think I'm that kind of person, at least I don't do stuff like her, asking around about what kind of person I'm.  Maybe after all, she is the one who ingenuity.  Who knows?  xD

She did ask for recovery for our friendship last semester, I thought things will become better but NO.  Things didn't become better but become even worst.  Reason?  Cause we can't really trust each other anymore.

Starting in this new semester.  
One day when I suddenly feel want to look into her profile in Facebook, I realize that she had block me. (well, maybe I'm still care about her) To confirm that she had already block me, I smsed her roommate and asked her.  The message did have replied to me: yes meh, I don't know.  This is what the message looked like.  I didn't reply her till then.  After few days, somebody told me that the message was not replied by the owner (means the roommate).  That time she was using her roommate's phone and suddenly see my message and reply it without permission from the owner.  
To be frankly, I'm not angry about she reply others message, but I'm disappointed towards her actions.  Actually this is an unethical action, cause reading others messages and reply others messages without the owner permission is a very rude behavior?  Well, I do learn ethics and moral since I was young, so I know I shouldn't do all this, but others?? I don't know. 

Now, I didn't talk to her.  Is not I don't want to talk to her but I don't know how to talk to her, I feel that when I talk to her, all the action that she is acting are all fake and not sincerely.  

Well this is what I learn in this University except of taking water everyday.  I learned to open my big eyes to see things around me.  And if I really have to lose this kind of friend, I don't really mind.  But I'm here sincerely hope that she will change on what she is behaving now. 

During Chinese New Year holiday, she face problem and she seek for my help, now I wonder is she behaving that when she needs help she will seek for me but when she think I'm useless then she will kick me away?  I don't know, but just like Ah Gong said this world is full of 'business' a win win situation 'business' which I hate the most because I believe there are sincere between friendship.

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  1. here's the thing.the ppl that knows you and "that person" most probably will know that who you're talking about. and that's what you tried to let them know through this why don you just straight away mention the name.easier right?