Thursday, March 25, 2010


I’m bored of the same font in blog already, that’s why I change another font for this post.  Yesterday I was so damn stress!  Suddenly got a message from one of my course mate that we were going to have QUIZ at night during Mandarin Class!  I was really stressed because I got the news 3 hours before the test and I have to go makan and bath some more leh??!! 
(Yeah, I know you will say if no time then ma don’t makan and don’t bath lo, go study and test liao ny makan and bath lo.  But if I’m hungry, I can’t think anything de leh… So conclusion, I must eat! >.<)

Finally I was in the class doing the test, hmm… I guess is not that difficult because at least I can answer most of the questions.  *satisfy* 
Well, we thought that we can go back after we finished our test but at the end I finished up in 30 minutes but continue by class until 10pm something the class dismisses…
 It was really freaking boring and the lecturer also knows that the class is boring.  *evil laugh*

I’m really unwilling to attend for class later, feel like asking others to sign for me, but too bad cause I think that the lecturer knows me, so I have to attend.  Really lazy to go for that class la, Hubungan Etnik is really boring. 
(Lee Yi, HE is not equal to he.  HE is a subject but he is he~)

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