Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello World~

It has been a while I guess.  I mean a while I didn't update my blog.  I'm so so so sorry about that, especially to Syn Wei.  She has been waiting for my updates so that she can read it when she is free.  Well, I assume that she has a lot of free time which means that she has nothing to do.
Just kidding nia la.

Oh ya, forget to mention.  I am using Ying Ying's laptop, ASUS... Nice laptop actually and this is the first time I'm using this model. =)  Not bad~
I'm in library now, beside me.. there are Edwin, Jing Moon, Evangeline, and another Malay girl who I don't know her name.

Yesterday when we were having our Mandarin class, one of my friend said my hands (is actually arm) are muscular.  Wow~ He said that my arms are bigger than his hip liao.  Oh my god!  I got that fat meh??? sien diao liao...
And then my 'biao jie' said my arms are bigger than her waist!!! T__T I really want to cry liao lo.... I'm not that fat gua.... T_T
wuwuwu... want to bully me like that meh???

Syn Wei now already sick liao, she has plenty of pimples on her nose.  Obviously she is too heaty liao.  Drink more water la, dear...  If can better don't touch Milo anymore.  Sleep more, cause sleep less will increase the heat in the body.

OKayh, I think that's all...  Cause Ying Ying's laptop is out of battery already. 

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