Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super Girl~ Monday~

Yup, here happens to me.  I think I have become strong and strong liao.  l0l....
I just broke a fingernail cutter today when I was cutting my fingernails!!!
fuyoh, I also think that I'm really geng in this... @@'''

any comment about this??? hahahax

Today when I was having nap, I had a bad bad dream.  Dream of a person that I will never want to dream of...  Is a SHE, so don't think too much....
I am so damn evil in the dream, do lots of thing to make her feel sad and make her lost lots of friends.  
I was so happy in the dream when I did that.  Oh my god!!!  the feeling was like i have revenge and feel fresh....
Shit!!! I'm gonna become JOE liao... Become evil liao...


Took during ICN~  
(Indian Cultural Night)


never thought that Siva and I will wear couple shirt to class.  >.<

"don't you fall in love with me~~~ Look at my eyes~~~"

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