Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm not sure whether this consider a NICE day or not, that's why I put the word 'NICE' as capital letter.  This morning I went for jogging with Edwin, Syn Wei and Ying Ying.  I thought Yu Jun and Pei Jie will go along, but at the end they didn't turn up.
Once again I jog from the campus to the Petronas Industrial without stopping my step by walking.  AND I'm really do satisfy about that.  I wanted to stop half way and walk but I saw Edwin jog so fast in front of me, none stop!  That's why I have the spirit to follow, erm... should say that's why I got the feeling of 'kia su'.  Hahax, no la... This is actually another way of motivative each other la.

After the exercise, we have a short rest so that we can go for cleaning before we go for our breakfast~
Guess what I have as my breakfast??  I had min fun gao~  psss... tell you something, this is the first time I have min fun gao at Labuan!  Aiyor, don't laugh la!!!  I know I'm being like coming out from jungle la... but at least I'm better than Syn Wei, cause she never eat min fun gao before leh.... hahahahax
BUT... Just now when we wanted to come back de time we kena block by JPJ!!! He asked us to go to aside because we are over passenger!  But I think that he is just purposely to do that cause he say too many girls in the car.  ( That time got 5 girls and a guy in the car)

Whatever la, over means over liao la...
Oh ya, forget to mention here... Yu Jun was emo when we went for our breakfast, don't why she was so emo.  Er... maybe is because her Ling Ling didn't go there or because of I say something and make her think that I'm scolding her gua... @@'''

Okayh, I don't feel want to update blog liao lo....
erm, wanna do my flash liao~ buhbye~

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