Sunday, March 14, 2010


I really don't want to blogging everyday, really.... I'm really lazy to do that but too bad, cause I got too much things to share already.  Too many of my life sharing and I believe you are happy of my blog update everyday, cause you can share the happiness too~

Let's talk about yesterday.
Yesterday we went to eat western food.
The food not bad and is less than RM20, I think it is not very expensive la, can eat once a while la.
Then we went Jeti to take pictures.

 I took this before we went out for dinner.

Edwin, you emo again????

whole big family.... erm, where is ah yi???

Since Pei Jie is not going to stay in her room tonight, so Syn Wei, Yu Jun and I went to her room to make our business~ l0l
I make birthday cards~ not really satisfy but I spent more than 3 hours on them... so those who will receive it, please appreciate la~

see, how messy we make Pei Jie's house~ hahahax

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