Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Babies~

Is November and there are lots of BABIES were born.
But this semester (should be this year) I managed to celebrate birthday with only one of the November BABY. (well, you will know it if you do read my blog)

There are really a lot of November Babies which I realize when I am here.  I didn't know that there will be such amount! (this really mean a lot, the number is more than the number of your fingers! well, I mean among friends that I know)
Well, people say that having birthday during University is nice because can have celebration with friends which they will arrange everything for.  Or, maybe some of them think that celebrating with friends hometown (family as well) is much better.
Hmm, then what do you think?

I'm sorry to all November Babies that I didn't manage to celebrate for.
Is because of budget problem...
Really got no budget to do so much thing, prefer a small surprise yet memorable (if there is someone who willing to organize with me, I'm not going to plan everything alone, cause that's not fun at all) will do, cause we don't earn money yet, and money that you spend on friends are from your parents.
So, I'm sorry about that.

p/s: exchange one of your secret to me so that I can exchange one of my password to decrypt to you.
p/s: I'm just jealous

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