Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Empty Day

Is the third day of study week, Database is my first subject on next Monday and I got no mood on it at all!  I got no idea how I going to beat Database down at all...
I know Database got huge different from Java or C++ but programming just don't seem to be my expert.  I got no talent in programming at all. @@

Today is not a very good day for me, feeling sleepy and tired whole day plus I'm having menstrual pain.  Is not that pain is very uncomfortable!
Luckily that day got buy some rice back home, so I manage to make myself porridge, if not I have to eat maggi again...

Going back home soon, can't wait for that~
Because after going back home, then I can attend to a wedding dinner (actually is only buffect) and then I want to eat sushi, and then my birthday!
Really can't wait to be home. =)

p/s: hard to guess?? Ask me, Wong Cai Yi hehehex

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