Sunday, November 7, 2010

Past Tense

Just read thru some of my post that I wrote last time.
Second year of University...
First year of University...
Before I came to University...
and even when I was still under pampered...

I didn't know I have gone through all this.  Everytime when I facing problem or upset, I will never think or refresh back what had been done by me, I will only feel what is happen and what will going to happen.
There was no past tense for me at all.
I didn't know that I will look through all those that have already happened in my life.

I did.
I just did.
I read through some of the post that I posted, one year ago, 2 years ago...
I'm now in this not so good, tortured me during my first semester life which I didn't know that I have already faced a huge problem in this campus for a year! NO WATER!!!

Very funny right?
Everytime feeling down or emo, I will never know that I have been through this once, just face it one more time!  I never have that in my mind!  How stupid am I huh?
Guess I'm not growing up yet, still not mature yet, still mummy's baby and daddy's baby...

Maybe sometimes we should turn around and see what we have done.
To see what we had gone through.
To see people's true personality.

p/s: thanks for giving me a chance to look back...

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