Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Home~

Suppose that I should update my blog last night, but I have to lend my laptop to my brother to watch Pokemon. Hmm... Since he got holiday and let him rest awhile la. =p

I was surprise that I don't have to wait for daddy yesterday, because usually he will make me wait whenever I ask him to pick me up or not.  This time, when I was still in the airplane, daddy called me once I turn on my cellphone, then when I was taking my luggage, daddy ady asked me where was I!  Then once I push my luggage out, daddy ady at there waiting for me!!!
So surprising!

Then daddy bring to The Curve and Ikea to have a walk since we were in KL already.  I spend time around 6 hours there, eat and walk in Ikea. Then ny start our journey back to KL. 5.30pm started the journey and reach home at 8.30pm. 3 hours ny!!!

I'm so glad and unbelievable that I'm home now. Missing mummy, bro and sis so much.  Pass them stuff that I bought for them, wine, shirts... And gave my cellphone to my sis, she is happy with it. =)
(you make sure you don't fail any subject in the future if not I will take back the cellphone. )
I miss DongDong so much, he really gets old liao.

This weekend going to have buffet dinner.  Told mummy that I don't feel like going because I'm in diet planning now, but mummy said ady told Gor Ma that I'm going. So... Suang le ba... Go and eat lo~

Later going for movie, Harry Potter~

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