Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just One More Before Sleep

Tomorrow will be my 6th paper of this Final Exam.
Well, I went through all the slides, understand them, but I didn't memorize them.
I'm really bad in memorizing and I still got no way to solve this problem.

I'm helping myself diet now.
Is really crazy I know cause you finally heard this from me.
Is so suffering actually cause I'm now forcing myself not to eat when the sky turns black.
No more food after that even I'm starving.
It is just a start actually.
I tried yesterday but I ate a little bit when my roommate brought some food back.
I know that I'm really glutton.
I want to eat so much especially food is in my eyesight!
I don't know whether this works or not I just try out, hope something I want will come.

Really regret to involve because now I have to sacrifice a lot!

p/s: I have to admit that I really tam leng de lo... XD

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