Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding Ceremony

Last year I got wedding ceremony too when I back from Labuan.  This year a little bit small ceremony because I am not that close with that family, not as close as the previous one.
I wanted to diet de, less dinner but since got nice food and is a celebration! So I ate lots of food this 2 days!...
(Before I started the journey to Bahau, I got a huge bruises when I wanted to put my luggage at the bonnet, I was super unlucky!!! I still feel pain leh... T_T)

Took this on the buffet dinner night, which is on Sunday night.
I was guilty to eat so much but I am guilty for not try all the foods there! >.<

With my cousins...

With my sis...

After the dinner, we went back to the rented house and stay over night at there.  Can't sleep well cause eat till too full already, get to sleep at 12am lo... But don't worry, I still continue my sit-up for 50 times although I was super tired. (will try to maintain it everyday de)

The next day is the day they bring the bride back.  I got up early in the morning, cause the house rented only got one washroom, so I don't want to fight with others and I choose to use it first.  After dressing up and put on make up, I have to put on make up on my cousins and sister, and also tie hair for 2 cousins, sister and mummy.  I was really busy with that but I do happy because I make them look pretty~

There were so many protocol to follow, is kinda boring to us, kids... Anyway, I managed to take angpao from the new husband and wife~
I took pictures too!

After the long long ceremony (you know la, give tea to the elderly to drink, then they get angpao... somemore this is big family, so I waited for few hours, it was so long.... I almost fall asleep leh), we finally can have our lunch which I personal waited for long, cause I want to eat!!!
We went there at 1pm but waited for an hour for others.
Chinese are really not alert on timing... *disappointed*
While waiting, I played with my camera too~

How's the technique?
I didn't do any editing, is 100% original!

Now almost everybody has a dslr, and this really make me damn crazy!!!
I want that too la!!!

Oh ya, I did manicure myself~
Here, I show you

I'm satisfy with it. =)

p/s: feel that you all forgotten about me... Is that difficult to be forget?
p/s: I wore dress... wakaka, length is above knee... =p

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