Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Uncomfortable Night

Shit them la...
I wanted to sleep early and planned to wake up at 4am to study de.
Really F*** them!!!
Yeap! They were making noise again!
at 2am midnight!!!

Talking so loud that they think they are the only people in the whole house is it?
walking and running like king kong scare other people don't know that they are passing by is it?
laughing so loud to let other people know that they have something nice to do is it?

Really pissed me off leh!!!
This time I really beh tahan liao, I went out and told them that they were noisy and make me can't sleep.
But they didn't seem to slower their volume!
Never considerate at all.

This morning I told one of them that last night they were really very noisy and wake me up until can't really sleep well.
Then I act curious and ask why they don't have to sleep for whole night (cause they make noise from 2am until 6am when the sun started to rise also can heard their voice)!
But who knows that she told me that she slept right after her exams then study during the midnight.
Nobody will stop you from study in the midnight while others are sleeping, but please be considerate la.
We still want to sleep de ma...

Feeling scolding them!!!

and my clothes, which hanging at the balkoni there were mix with my roommate!
Fuck them la...
simply touch my clothes and mix around liao!
My clothes all were almost dry and she mixed with my roommate's which are still wet!!!
now my clothes are wet again!!!
So busybody!!!

If scare of birds then go into your room to study la!!!

Really pissed off la!!!!

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