Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Voice Out Or Not

I got lots of thing to put here actually.  I wanted to voice out but sometimes when we voiced out already that will never be something sincere already, but when we didn't voice out then people will never know what you are thinking.
So, it is very important to have friends that they will know what are you thinking although you didn't tell them about what you are thinking.

It is something very contradiction but humans' thought are complicated.

Sometimes I just hope somebody will know what I'm thinking, but too bad there is nobody know me.  Is it very difficult to know somebody's thinking? Because sometimes I can really understand and know a person thinking and will try my best to do it to help up.  It is all about tender and sincere only.  If you really know somebody and really care about that person, you will definitely understand what he/she is thinking.

Maybe nobody around me being care to me yet gua, that's why nobody understand what I'm thinking.

p/s: just crapping anyway.

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