Thursday, November 11, 2010

What A Night!

I went to bed early cause I hope to wake up early on the next day.
But once I get into my blanket, I don't feel sleepy!!!  I was tired, but can't sleep!!!
I was really pissed...
Force myself to close my eyes.
Finally I am in my dream...

Suddenly I heard sounds again!
Voices from outside.
House mates were making noises again!!!
Don't they know that is midnight?
And there are some of us are still sleeping???
Why are they just so not considerate???

Since I'm already half away, I went out.
There were lots of bird flying around in our house,
maybe that's the reason they were shouting here and there...
but the problem is, since you saw birds, and if you scare, just stay in your room!
Don't come out!
Is really noisy and annoying when I wanted to sleep more longer and you were making noise!

Anyway, I force myself to sleep again cause I scare to have not enough sleep and will affect my stats exams.
I dreamt!
I dreamt that I was asking those birds why are they in our house.
They told me that they want to go some where warm in this cold weather.
So they came to our house.
I asked them again: then when are you going to leave?
They told me that once the sun rise then they will leave~

It is just so funny that I dream that I was talking to birds!
this morning there are no birds in the living hall~
Birds are gone...
So, is that a dream or birds are trying to leave me message??

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