Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Worst Paper

Finally finished 5 papers.
APK, Database, Statistic, Accounting and Networking.

APK was okayh, cause it was just MCQ, read through the slide and with some common sense.  It wasn't a big matter plus the final was only 30%!  Well, still hope I can get an A from this... (haha, although didn't really study very hard in this)

Database.  Better programming language than previous which I am more understand in Database.  At least I didn't leave any blank answer like I did previously to the other programming subject!  (hopefully Mr. Goh wouldn't be kedukut with marks la)

Statistic.  A little bit of disappointed with the questions.  Is not because of too easy, is because some surprise in there.  Didn't expect that the question will ask by that way and I heard multimedia students said their Discrete Maths questions were came from tutorial questions! Why ours are not from tutorial questions a?? Sigh...

Another calculation subject, Accounting.  It wasn't easy too. I spent almost 2.30 hours in the hall, looking at the questions.  Some of the format of the account I forgotten, use my common sense to answer them.  Expect can score for an A for this subject, but I think this should be just a dream, cause I am confident in the first question only.

Today's subject was the first one that I feel I'm totally dead. (Sorry Sir)
Is so unbelievable that I able to write something in the answer sheet, because I was so blank at first, looking at the questions from question 1 to question 5 and then from question 5 to question 1. After 15 minutes I only started to write something.  I feel sucks. Really sucks... Because I know nothing about networking. T_T


Before Accounting paper I feel okayh, but when I was going to take Accounting, I felt like I'm bring a lot of army to the war without the general!  And today, I feeling I'm the only one who step into the war and fight alone...

Next will be Marketing..
Any tips?

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