Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Started

Is first day of exam, an officially one.
Database is different from other programming which really drive me crazy that I might not able to understand what the questions ask about, but at least this time I understand.

Yesterday night was so noisy.
Nature noise and also noises from house mates.  Really don't understand that don't they know that is already mid night and we are sleeping already?
There was storm last night, not real storm but heavy rain plus thunder which I still remember that it was really loud!

There was short circuit too!  I got no idea what make me woke up middle in the night at 2am.  (I was worry about my sleep scare I can't get enough sleep before exam, but I didn't get enough sleep though)
What I know was the whole UMS blackout.  There were no electricity when I was sleeping and I just got shock and I got up at that time.  (Luckily that time was windy because of raining)

Planned to prepare nice breakfast before attending the first paper, but I didn't get to wake up in the morning cause didn't sleep well plus there was thunder at 5am (really plan to wake up at that to make breakfast) and I don't dare to use any electric cooker.

Hmm, what else?
Statistic will be the next paper and I'm going to library later to study everything. I have to score in this paper cause I got nothing left for me.  All the carry marks are sucks and I am not confident with other subject at all.

p/s: well somebody is going to be happy with this.
p/s: Database Ended.

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