Sunday, November 14, 2010

McD Free Lunch!

Yay~ is McD again!
I don't know since when I will feel happy when I get to eat McD.
As I remember that before come to this island, I seldom eat McD and I prefer KFC rather than McD.
Now I love McD so much and whenever I get the chance to eat McD, I will be super happy!

Here comes the chance again.
We got a small award from our JCN president that we can have our lunch in McD!
Yay~ McD!!!  And most importantly is free de!!!

We had our nice time there, and whole McD was full of Ninjas!!!
A grand view actually~

Here are some pictures that I managed to get~

Guess every pictures do tell what I want to say, so I don't have to type too much here la~
(actually is too lazy... l0l)

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