Monday, November 22, 2010

Tired Of This Actually

Friends are now all asking me to keep fit, diet and so on.  I know all are worrying about me, because with my body size I will definitely can't wear on Cheongsam. Some even send me the link of getting fit in a week time!
Now I'm really tired of it, cause I have to eat something and it is not just something but lots of things to release stress, and now I'm really stress because of the 2 papers which is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.  But I'm now controlling my daily diet which didn't eat as much as before, which means that I didn't get to release some of my stress, so I have to find the other way to release it, that is PPS!
Because of that PPS+ing ady become one of my bad habit!  You know la, I'm addicted to it already!!!

Actually I feel like starting all the planning already, but is exam time I feel that I afraid I will screw up my study because I need food so much at this moment!  I wanted to start right after the holiday but I had promised mummy before this that I will follow her to attend a wedding buffet!  So when I can start all this?
I had made some scarification actually, I had been offered to eat McD so many time but I rejected all (this is the first time I been offered for 3 times a week! Usually I only get to eat McD when I ask to... )

Guess I should control my meal first, like what I checked.
Breakfast I will eat as much as I can.
Lunch I will eat something that I will feel safe.
And dinner I will eat something really healthy.

Wondering whether I can make it or not.
Guess I should do something to remind myself of that!

p/s: wish me luck for my paper tomorrow~
p/s: hope it won't be that difficult!

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