Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali ♥

Happy Deepavali to all Indians~
I really didn't know that today is Deepavali until yesterday, cause I have to attend to class today.
Art class...

Syn Wei keep on telling me that she is really regret to change from Psycho to Art, which actually I am the one who affect her to take Art.  I wanted to take art instead of psycho at very first place, but lots of my friends told me that art got no use for me because I'm taking E-commerce.  So I chose psycho at first.  But who knows that the lecturer was really sucks that she doesn't really know how to teach, so I decided to change to art.  Syn Wei and Yu Jun said: you change and I change.  (didn't know that I'm such good influencer) @@
Now we are in Art.  Have to do our assignment during study week and have to hand in our final project during the last day of our final exam.
Guess this is what we have to sacrifice since it is easier than psycho to get a better score. XD

After class, went to 'Arm Enterprise' (no more cfc) to have something to eat since I am hungry.

Once I get home (just hostel), my house mates asked us to take some food from them~ I mean they cooked something nice for us! (Deepavali ma, is something like open house gua..)
They are so kind and prepare lot's of food.  Important is, the food are yummy (you got no idea how much I love Indian food) 

They look delicious right?
I really feel that is delicious~
But I thought it should be more spicy for Indians? Cause usually food that I eat from my mom's friend are super spicy!  Haha
But I really do appreciate this meal, is so warm and yummy~

Happy Deepavali once again~

p/s: didn't realize so many people read my blog... proud leh... =p

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