Wednesday, November 24, 2010

End Of Sem 3

Sem 3 is officially end today, because today is my last paper and tomorrow I'm going back to the warmest and full of loves home.  Yeap, I'm really can't wait to reach home now, really hope I can teleport home now although I know that this is impossible.  Anyway I'm going back tomorrow, so I don't mind to wait another 12hours. =)

It is so fast that I will go home tomorrow, turning my head back to the pass, realize time passes so fast and didn't realize that one sem ends! Looking backward, I feel like I just came from my hometown and it was like just happened yesterday!

Looking at juniors came in to this campus, girls hostel been surrounded by fences, juniors are staying in Semi D and Mutiara which they got lots of nice benefits than us.
Start our class and I got 8 subjects this semester (quite a lot!)
And then 2 weeks of short mid-sem break, went to KK and Kundasang which really made lots of fun there.
I learnt to be more alert to everybody around me, know more about 'don't judge a book with its cover'
And then faced finals...
Fast huh..?

This semester is really tough actually, I saw a lot of things, faced a lot of things and even put myself in difficult situation.  I really dislike this feeling in this semester.  Anyway, can't say much also because is not what I can control right? Maybe it is the way the God wants me to learn, learn to be mature.

So, here I am! Going to be more mature because I'm going to be 21st soon!

p/s: home sweet home, can't wait this!

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