Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Early in the morning when I was about to get up, I vaguely heard some noise and the noise is about my house's main door (hometown's house)...


I miss home

Everyday in the morning when I am about to wake up, I will sure hear Dong-Dong running here and there barking at neighbours who passing by... (especially darker skin, this is his natural I guess... I don't know why)

And when he is running, his dog tag that must renew every year with the dog tag that I gave it to his will make some noise that always make me recognize him from far.
Then he will stop to drink water which his dog tag will also hit his iron bowl... ding ding ding...

Really hope to go home faster, so that I can be awake my noise of Dong-Dong like he usually do.

Wandering whether he misses me or not... =p

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