Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hate It When Comes To Diet!

I really hate diet, because I can't get to eat food that I like.
Don't you feel torturing when you didn't get to eat food that you like especially when food are in front of you?
I do!
I feel torturing when I can't eat something I wish to eat.
I feel torturing when I have to control to this and that!
Eating something good and something we like are something happiness!
Is a blessed for me!
And now I got 2 ways to go:
  1. continue my eating and end up can't wear on the traditional clothe.
  2. start to diet so that I will look nice with the traditional clothe.
What should I do?
Eat Or Diet?

p/s: was told that I have to wear cheongsam on that day, but actually already know it just don't feel like facing the reality. =p
p/s: when I was told to wear cheongsam, someone just voiced out that I can take this opportunity to diet. @@
p/s: so what now? diet? or eat?

1 comment:

  1. eat healthy food lo...
    eat and diet...
    evryday eat at the same time...
    i know how u feel when i cant eat something that i like...
    so u can c how am i now without eating food that i like...