Sunday, November 21, 2010

Left 2 but I stressed up!

Left Mandarin and Art then after the Art presentation then I can go back!
Can't wait that day to come!
(I know some others are jealous on me cause I can go back during the holiday, don't jealous cause I'm going to face the same thing too)

The day before yesterday I were rushing for my art assignment, it was really tired of doing assignment that way.  The assignment can't consider as last minute work cause it was expected to be done by the time like this.  But I just didn't know that I will spend up more than 24 hours to do it!

Now I'm worrying about my Mandarin Papers.  It will be one of the difficult paper among others.  It is not as easy as you just study them all then you can answer all the questions.  But I have to memorize it one by one to answer all the question.  
I'm really stress up studying ady.  There are so many chapters to go and I am very poor in memorizing!  Argh...

I've been controlling myself not to eat McD or heavy meal at night.  Who knows my roommate that she also should doing the same thing as mine (because we have to wear cheongsam next year) now already 3 days continues eat McD food!  A little bit worry about her because I got a mission to her!

Guess I have to get good night sleep tonight to make myself more alert tomorrow to get more studies into my brain because last night I got terrible dream that I know is because of my tiredness cause that.
Sigh, 2 more to go and 5 days then I will back to home.

Really can't wait for that!

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