Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sushi Time!

It has been a long while that I didn't make sushi myself already.  Wanted to make myself in hostel de, but I got no tools for that.
Today I got the chance to make again because I'm at home already!

Everytime I get to eat sushi then I will be no hunger, because I will eat none stop although it doesn't look very delicious or tasty. 
Guess I will make it again because there are still some vineger and rice left for sushi, wanna make something special on the flavour this time and hope can find those ingredient in Kuantan~

Tomorrow going to grandma's house and then to have buffet there!
When I think of this, I will remember that my diet plan will screw up!
Argh, delicious food will be infront of me and I can't eat it???
No!!! I have to eat them, if not I will feel guilty!

Guess I have to exercise more on that already...

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