Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This time I want to share out my Art Assignment final product.
I have been spending this for around 2 days and nights, so I think I have to let people know what I was busying of, then I will feel happy of that... wakakaka

The first night we started our painting first. Paint here and paint there~

Don't know when we started to help up Edwin to paint his.
Hahax, So his product actually do have this 2 ladies hard work too!

And also first day, my poor little blade and scissors spoiled because of someone...
The scissors broken liao while the blade become super short liao. T_T
(but now I got replacement liao, no worries)

Second night of drawing, I manage to finish up the painting!
I was proud also because manage to finish up so fast. =)

When I was almost done my assignment, she just started to do hers.

That night I manage to done almost all my folio.  And I was tired for that but I'm proud that I did it so fast.

She was still doing her Art when I was already started my Mandarin revision.  This is the consequences of playing games and sleep too much.. @@
But anyway, she able to finish on time. =)
Glad she did.

And here come our final product.

Which one nicest?
Which one ugliest?

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