Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woon Chee's Birthday

Is Woon Chee's birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Told him last week that we going to celebrate his birthday with him de, but I think he forgotten about it already.  Wei Song and I planed this whole event.
First, I will ask Woon Chee to go study at Podium for whole night (actually is actually a lie) with Yu Jun and Syn Wei.  Then Wei Song and guys will prepare the cake at somewhere while we were in Podium 'studying'.

At 12am, Wei Song will bring the cake and Woon Chee's friend to gather at Podium, then I will go out to meet them and bring in the cake together!  Surprise!!! =))
Here's the cake

Didn't know that he got real surprise or not, but I hope he does, cause I hate most when I plan for birthday surprise and the birthday person didn't get surprise at all...  Well, mostly because I love surprise also~

Anyway, yesterday was really fun because there were lots of laughter, my face almost got cramp!!!

To see more pictures, you may click here.

p/s: what do you think if I make my blog as private blog?  please let me know whether you agree or not.
p/s: want the password to decrypt it? ask from me, Wong Cai Yi personally.  I will give if I think you can read. =)

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